video contest

Are you a creative person? If so, then this contest is for you!

Hey, guys,

Are you ready to be the next $500 video review contest winner?

Today we are happy to announce the start of a new video contest about #greateversnorkelmask

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but your video may be worth $500.

Simply send in a homemade video, talking about your new Greatever snorkel mask, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win $500 and our newest snorkel mask.

Do you have an interesting idea and the means to make it reality?

Our contest is the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity!

There will be 10 videos chosen from the submissions, with 3 main winners and 7 honorable mentions.


1st Place – $500+ 1 Greatever 2019 newest full face snorkel mask +1Greatever 2019 dry snorkel set
2nd Place – $200+1 Greatever 2019 newest full face snorkel mask +1Greatever 2019 dry snorkel set
3rd Place – $100
4-10 Honorable Mentions: one set of 2019 New Arrival High Waist Print Sexy Swimsuit Ruffles Bikinis or sexy men’s swimwear swimsuit
The 3 main winners will be picked from the most creative and interesting videos.
The 7 honorable mentions will be picked from all videos, but not necessarily the most creative. So give it a shot, there is nothing to lose!


1- Make a video, max of 15 minutes long,16:9 size and1080 pixels
2. This can be about anything you with our snorkel mask, for example:
-snorkel mask review
-unboxing video
-swim or snorkeling vlog
-snorkel mask tutorial
-haul video
-how to use full face snorkel mask safety.
3.Must be an Original Video
It is entirely up to you what kind of video you make, but creativity will be rewarded.


1) Shoot The Video
You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to win – just shoot it from your phone??. The winning video will be judged on originality, creativity, and overall appeal.
In addition, the submission must mention Greatever snorkel mask or one of its 4 sub-brands stores in Europe. It must be an original video, and the reviewer must talk about the product or show it in use.
2) Publish Your Video To YouTube and Instagram
You can upload your video straight to YouTube and Instagram through your smartphone.
And DM your video link to our Instagram @greateveroutdoors
or post your contest post with your youtube video link in the description and @greateveroutdoors
Important: All submissions require a link to the product in the video description, (so other YouTubers can easily find it) and a disclaimer that you are part of the contest using the hashtag #Greatevercontest.
use the video tags below(just copy and paste it in your youtube video tags):
Full face snorkel mask
Snorkel mask
Full face snorkel mask review
Snorkel mask review
Greatever snorkel mask
Greatever snorkel mask review
Snorkel gear
Greatever contest
Use Instagram tags below in your post
3) Share your Youtube video on Greatever Facebook Page
Finally, you need to copy the YouTube URL from your Internet browser and paste it in the Greatever Facebook Page post.
We pick the $500 winner 6 times per year. The deadlines for submission are February 28, April 30, June 30, August 31, October 31 and December 31.
4)Selection of Winner:
The prize winner will be selected from all entries meeting the requirements of the Official Rules.
Every 100 videos views, 10 comments, 5 video likes ??or 3 video shares will get 1 score.
The highest score video will get the ??$500.
The winner will be selected by 12:00 PM PDT on the business day. We will announce the winner on Instagram.

Notification of Winners:

Winners will be notified by e-mail within three (3) business days of the Prize drawing, Prize will be forfeited if a selected Winner cannot be contacted
In the event of a Prize forfeiture, an alternate winner will be selected from remaining valid, eligible entries that were timely submitted.

Contest Details

Submitted Videos must contain a link to the product being reviewed and text in the description “Video submitted for the #GreateverContest” OR must lead with a disclaimer that video was produced as a contest entry.

This link can be your Amazon affiliate link.

Sub-Brands store: