What kind of diving mask do you want the most?

When it comes to water, snorkeling and diving, everything sounds enthusiastic and fun. But water safety and proper measurements while snorkeling or diving hold great importance for avoiding any unpleasant experience. The snorkeling is simply swimming along the water surface while viewing the under-water activities and needs no training or certification while scuba diving is about getting immersed deeper into the water and experiencing the under-water world in a closer interaction. Diving needs to be done after a training session and it is thought to be the most quickly learned skill. When we talk about diving, the diving masks are not only for the beginners because even if you are a pro swimmer or diver, you would still need a good diving mask to enjoy the divine sight of the under-water world. A diving mask basically provides an air space in front of the eyes for them to see clearly underwater. The diving masks are different from the swimming goggles as they have a nose piece incorporated in the airspace of the mask because a pressure builds up while under pressure and that nose piece helps in equalizing that pressure and gives a better support to the mask itself.

As it is known that a good diving mask assists in several ways but how to choose the best diving mask is a big question. Here is a sneak peek into types, options and categories of diving masks and we would have a quick overview of some of the most popular diving masks here. All the scuba diving or snorkeling masks have tempered lens as the eye piece, a mask skirt made of silicon for preventing leaking by creating a seal, a strap and a frame that holds all these components together.

Half or full face diving masks

Full face mask prevents the direct contact with the sea water and is ideal for people who feel sea sick. Full face diving mask doesn’t let the water get into the nostrils or in mouth and their air pipe works better than that of the half mask. Though the full face diving masks are ideal for the beginners but the professionals often find them suffocating and limiting and choose the half face diving mask. The most popular diving masks are:

  • Single lens mask
  • Twin lens or double pane mask
  • Multiple pane and purge valve mask

Single, twin or multiple lens masks

Choosing a mask with right lens that meets your needs and provide comfort can take the most diversifying efforts while choosing a diving mask. The single lens masks provide wider air space and have no frame around the nose bridge but it is not possible to replace the lens with a prescription correction lens and you have to use the same lens forever. The twin lens masks come with the replacement feature and allow to use the prescription corrected lenses and the multiple lens masks come with adequate airspace because of the multiple panes attached to them. These masks allow great fields’ view because they provide ample peripheral vision. The shape of lenses also matter a lot as flat lenses can cause dizziness and the water drop shaped oval lenses provide a comfortable sight.

It is also important that whichever lens mask you choose, the lenses should be made up of high grade tempered glass or plastic because a standard glass lens can cause irreparable damage upon breaking.

The diving masks with oxygen or SCORKL let you stay underwater for a much longer time underwater.

There are so many options and categories. Be sure you invest in a mask which has all the components made up of high grade material and make your water time a treat!