If you are searching for a place where you can swim around or snorkel with the marine animals, Grand Cayman Island is one of the best options. It is quite famous among snorkel enthusiasts for providing the opportunity to snorkel with tarpon, spotted eagle ray, and other marine animals, enjoying a trip of a lifetime. It is rare for any other vacation spot to provide this closeness with the reefs and the overall ocean life. 

There are so many sites where you can snorkel at Grand Cayman Island. Plus, there are many other activities that are unique to this holiday destination. This article will tell you about Grand Cayman island and the best places to visit.

What Can You Do At Grand Cayman?

If you have never heard about Grand Cayman before, even this is a good thing. There are many things that are unique to this island, for example, snorkeling with stingrays, an award-winning sandy beach, hundreds of corals, and wall-paper-like backgrounds for your social media photos. 

Grand Cayman is one of the three Cayman Islands which are located on the southern side of Cuba. It is bigger than Cayman Brac and the Little Cayman, but all three of these islands share a warm climate all year round. From the long walks around the beach, water activities, snorkeling, or bar hopping in the evening, this place offers something for everyone. Read these five things which every visitor to Grand Cayman should never miss. 

Walk on Seven Mile Beach

This beach is considered among the best beaches of the world as per travelers bloggers. There are so many fun activities that you can do here, such as parasailing, paddleboarding, or kayaking. This beach is open to the public and is a long strip where visitors can start walking from one end to another without interruption. There are so many eateries, bars, and snack shops that are accessible from the beech. 

Snorkeling with sea animals

Ever thought about swimming and snorkeling with sea animals? If you are here at Grand Cayman and don’t snorkel with tarpon, spotted eagle ray, and others, you will regret it all life. Stingray City, located in the North, is a shallow water area that is flooded with stingrays. These calm waters here are ideal for snorkeling, that too with stingrays’ congregations. Various tour companies arrange tips for sting city, allowing the visitors to observe the marine life closely. For a safe snorkeling experience, use Greatever snorkel, mask, and fins to move around and explore the sea life. 

Deep-sea scuba diving

This place is a heaven for deep-sea divers because nearly 365 explored and documented diving sites on the Cayman Islands. The details on all of these sites are available online, and you can explore them before planning a trip here. Depending upon which site is picked by a diver, there are so many reef formations, a variety of fish, squids, seahorses, and other marine animals to see. 

Bioluminescence kayaking

Although it is only offered as per moon cycle during specific days of the month, these bioluminescent kayak tours start from Rum Point Beach and go all the way to the amazing bioluminescent bay by night. Watching millions of sparkling microbes gives a magical feeling, making kayaking one of the best activities to do at Grand Cayman island. 

Heritage botanical garden

The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic park at the Cayman Islands has a small replica version of the Caymanian house and a garden. You will see wild plant species here, some of which are never seen at any other place. There is an animal habitat too, which is home to rare wildlife animals and birds. 

Are There Sharks at Grand Cayman?

Yes, there are sharks seen in this area, but they are very rare. There has been no shark attack in any place around Grand Cayman, causing an injury or death. Even if someone happens to see a shark around, there are very few chances that it will attack them unless people decide to bother it first. 

Considering thousands of visitors that swim around the Cayman Islands, the fact that none of them is attacked by any shark or any deadly sea creature is remarkable. It shows that all animal species in this region are non-hostile and calm. Besides, these animals usually live-in deep-sea beds, which are inaccessible by people. However, deep-sea divers or scuba divers have to be careful even if there are minimum chances that they will meet a shark. 

Most people like to be around Seven Mile Beach, which is 100% safe even for families with young kids. Other places, i.e., barrier reef and stingray city, are also free from such threats. Overall, there is no risk or chance of getting attacked by a sea animal here. 

Best Sites for Snorkeling at Cayman Islands

While there are so many beaches and diving sites in and around the Cayman Islands, a few places are not to be ignored. For example.

Eden Rock

It is an off-beach snorkeling site that is near George Town. This is one of the first things to explore at Grand Cayman. You will find corals thoroughly found near the shoreline, and there is no need to go anywhere or go deeper to see marine animals. Even if you are in shallow water, you will see different types of fish all day around. You may also see a nurse shark roaming around, but it is a rare event. This site has a proper diving facility with car parking, locker, changing rooms, etc. All this makes it a very friendly snorkeling site, which is enjoyable by all levels of divers. 

Stingray City

One of the most prominent tourist attractions at Grand Cayman islands is its Stingray City, which, as the name explains, allows for swimming with the stingrays. You can book guided tours to visit this place as to the availability and conditions. Every visitor is sent to the water with an expert stingray expert for safety. If you don’t wish to dive here, you can watch them float under your feet from the glass-bottom boats. 

Spotts Beach

This is another popular snorkel site that is nearly twenty minutes drive from George Town. The water here is crystal clear, plus the warm sand and marine animals make it more catchy. This place is famous for sea turtles because it has thick seagrass, which is desirable for turtle colonies. In addition to that, you will also see many other sea creatures such as spotted eagle rays and different types of fish. The corals formed here may not be huge, but they exhibit beautiful colors and patterns, which go very well with the clear blue water. 

This water has strong and high waves, making it unsafe for young children and inexperienced snorkelers. However, those experienced or trained may enjoy snorkel with tarpons and other fish here without worrying about water strength. Like Eden Rock, Spotts Beach also has free parking, restrooms, locker, and other facilities. 

Starfish Point

You will probably guess from its name that this location at Grand Cayman has plenty of starfish. This starfish point is a one-hour drive from the famous Seven Mile Beach. Just go along the Water Cay Road and follow the signboards to reach here. This place has starfish and various other sea creatures, which are interesting to photograph and explore. 

Collier’s Beach

This is a less-crowded place as compared to other sites, which is good for snorkeling with very few people around and minimal disturbance. It is located on the eastern side of Grand Cayman island. It has a wooden pier, which makes it easy to enter and exit from the water. The snorkeling experience here is not as good as other ‘popular’ spots, but the water here is calm and peaceful, making it ideal for families and first-time snorkelers. 

Tips to Make Your Trip Memorable

There are plenty of hotels and retreatants you can book to enjoy your stay in the Grand Cayman Islands. It is better to book everything before coming here and double-check that your booked hotel accepts your credit card. Don’t forget to bring your Greatever snorkel with you to enjoy these underwater sights with full clarity. 

If there are small children with you, don’t leave them unsupervised. Some of the places here have strong waters, which are unsafe for children. If you wish to teach your child snorkeling here, choose something peaceful, calm, and less-crowded instead of the mainstream places with thousands of people around you. 

The beauty of the Grand Cayman Islands is due to its beautiful sandy beaches, corals, and marine life. While there is so much emphasis on your entertainment, make sure you don’t purposely or accidentally damage the reefs or disturb/ kill any animal. It is advised to bring your snorkeling gears purchased from a premium quality company like Greatever. Although rental shops are around, carrying your personalized gears is better and safer, especially if you plan to go into deep water where cheap quality snorkeling gears fail to help. 

Lastly, check the weather forecast and book your tour accordingly. Although the weather here is almost the same, some months are more crowded than others. Do this basic homework before planning a trip to the Grand Cayman Islands. 

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