Greatever Swim Goggles for Adults & Kids

Swimming Goggles with Solid PC Frame and Soft Silicone Gasket UV Protection Colorful Coating Lens Anti-Leak Anti-Fog for Adult and Kids




Do you know why the goggles fog?

  • Swim goggles did not choose the size that suits you, and not fitting the face caused water to infiltrate.
  • Wrong action destroys the antifogging coating of the swim goggles.
You Can Get These In Package
  1. *A swimming goggles
  2. *A plastic case
  3. *A nose clip
  4. *A pair swimming earplugs
  5. *A specification

Swimming Goggles Maintenance Tips

  • Please do not allow nails or sharp objects to touch the lens to avoid damage to the swimming goggles
  • Please do not put your swimming goggles in the sun, or in high temperature environment.
  • Please choose a neutral cleaner to clean the stains on the surface of the swimming goggles.

UV Protection

Swimming goggles lenses has anti-ultraviolet coating, which can effectively prevent the harm of ultraviolet ray to human body when swimming outdoors.


The inner surface of the goggles has an anti-fog coating to give you a clear view underwater. Please be careful not to touch the lens with your hand.

Easy to Adjust

The goggles have a free adjustment strap press twist, convenient for you to take on/off the goggles at will.

3D Fit Face

The goggles conform to 3D ergonomic design. The high-quality silicone gasket fits the face and can effectively prevent water penetration.

HD Panoramic Vision

Polycarbonate lenses and large frame design give you a panoramic and HD clear underwater vision.

Comfortable experience

Swimming goggles soft and comfortable silicone gasket, long wear without pressure, give you a comfortable swimming trip.

  • 【What You Get】We will provide a swimming cap,Earplugs,Nose Clip and Protection Case. You’ll get 12-Month warranty, non-human damage will receive a free return and exchange service and contact us anytime. Enjoy swimming without any worries.
  • 【UV-Protection】Goggles with UV-resistant coating, it has special anti-ultraviolet function, protecting your eyes from the damage of the sunrays.
  • 【Easy to Adjust】Adjustable strap with quick-release buckle, it’s easy to put on and take off. Tighten or loosen the strap to fit your head size.
  • 【No Leaking】Wider flexible food-grade silicone skirt and comfortable nose bridge for the best possible fit. Ergonomic design with 3D frame, fit the unique contours of your face, no leaking, giving you comfortable wearing experience.
  • 【Panoramic Vision】 Swimming goggles use high tech Anti-Fog and high level impact-resistant PC lenses provide higher waterproof performance, reduce the pressure around the eyes. The frame is made of strong polycarbonate, which is comfortable and durable.


Most frequent questions and answers

Answer by Evie: Yes. These goggles appear to be a popular choice among resistance fighters in conflict-stricken authoritarian countries that deploy chemical weapons against their own people.

Their design is nondescript, offers a wide field of vision, and forms an airtight seal, making them far more protective against airborne irritants than most goggles intended for chemical splashes. However, the tradeoff for this is that they fog up quickly, especially during activity that causes the wearer’s skin to release moisture and heat. This could possibly be mitigated, but not prevented, with anti-fogging treatments.

The strap can be replaced with an elastic fabric one to make them easier to put on quickly when needed, but the included rubber one is adequate and appears durable. The strap does not need to be excessively tight to form a seal; these goggles have an excellent gasket that does most of the work and will hold onto the wearer’s face with suction when pressed down, verifying a good fit.

The lenses are clear, but their optical quality is not perfect and there is minor distortion, and they do not seem to feature an anti-scratch coating, so they may get scratched up from heavy use, degrading visual clarity. Goggles with better optics and the same level of protection may come at a higher cost. These goggles are relatively cheap and can offer desperately needed protection for civilians facing relentless state-sanctioned chemical warfare attacks

Answer by Donald E. Bruce: Yes, it comes with a case.

Answer by _Phaedra_:
This is an anti-fog swimming goggles, do not touch the inner mirror surface of the lens with your hands after buying, rinse with water, and finally put it in the box to let them dry.

Answer by Lus: No, unless your glasses don’t have ear piece then might work

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