How do you plan your camping trip?

Camping in the wild is a very enjoyable thing, can make us say goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the city, listen to the voice of nature. Many of my friends want to go camping, but they don't know how to plan properly.Now let me share some of my experiences with you.

Before you go camping, here are a few tips And, first of all, we should get ready for our departure.Consider the following questions:

1. Pay attention to safety, act according to your ability, and don't take risks;
2. Pay attention to environmental protection, don't bother to throw away the garbage, bring it back and throw it into the trash can.

Where will you go? How many days? How much food do you take? How much water do you take? Are there supplies on the way? What kind of medicine is best? What am I going to do? What equipment should I bring? Are you ready? What could have happened and how to fix it?(e.g., illness, bad person, injury, thunderstorm, etc.) What if it doesn't work out as planned?

If you’ve thought it all out, this is your main event, your list, and you’re ready to go.
Make sure you’re in good health before you leave!If you are ill, the plan must be put off.

What was the climate like where we went?

Be sure to keep a reliable map with you;

Contact people who know the place well, study the map in detail and read more about it

Do a lot of research on the living habits and characteristics of the local people, to find out whether they are hostile to outsiders or very friendly, and learn as much as possible about the local customs and taboos;

Before you leave, study your plans, and the more information you have about where you're going, the better:

Learn the details and habits of the lives of the people who pass by, especially in the far less civilized areas, where the way of life is more firmly tied to the land where you live, and you may have more survival skills and knowledge when you need them.

The key is to think more and think more.

When everything is ready, you are confident.Can set out with the partner (do not approve of single camping, that will greatly increase the risk factor, the best way is three people together action mutual care, unity)