Snorkel and Diving at Key Largo

The Florida Keys is one of the most amazing snorkeling sites in the world. It is the third largest and the only living reef system in the entire US, with hundreds of corals and marine animals living together. It is popular as the “Scuba Diving Capital” because of its heavenly diving sites and underwater views. […]

How to Guide your Kids to Get Familiar with Snorkeling?

Summer is the best time to spend time outdoors, near waters with friends, loved ones, and family. These summer vacation could be made memorable with any water-based activity like snorkeling or diving. Contrary to popular assumption, snorkeling is not just confined for adults; it is a delightful sport for children of all ages. In general, […]

Greatever Snorkel Mask Review- Is It Worth Buying?

If you are a professional snorkeler or starting your first experience with snorkeling, either way, there is something that you should not ignore. Invest in a good quality full face snorkel mask-like Greatever full face mask, because this is something that would make your snorkeling experience worth it. Before we discuss the Greatever mask in […]

Snorkeling at Turtle Bay- Once in a Lifetime Experience

Snorkeling at Turtle Bay- Once in a Lifetime Experience Stepping on to Turtle Bay is your entry to the most serene views of North Shore and the legendry coastline of Oahu, Hawaii. It is named “Turtle Bay” on the famous green turtles of this area, which were the only inhabitant of these shores, many years […]