It is hard to imagine any landscape that is emblematic and beautiful more than the landscapes that are situated in Arizona. Arizona is blessed with broad blue skies, huge towering sandstones and the long deserts that stretch as far the eyes can continue to see. There are many ways to enjoy adventure Arizona as I tried my best to explore every adventure activity in my limited time that I got to spend there. However, these activate include mountain hiking in Arizona, bike hiking, rock climbing, and paddling destinations. As per my experience, the best way to explore the deserts in Arizona is n your own feet. Backpacking in Arizona is considered one of the most defined ways to enjoy your holidays and refreshing your mind and soul.

To assist you with picking the ideal journey, I have featured some extraordinary exploring places of different varying lengths by my experience. With these subtleties and the knowledge on Summit Hut staff individuals, you can plan an incredible trip to Arizona.


The Grand Canyon is no doubt the most beautiful and adventures hiking place in Arizona. The 24-mile Canyon is not for the faint of heart, this place does offer some of the incredible views of the countryside. I spent my nights at Bright Angel Campground and Phantom Ranch when I went hiking at Canyon. Both places are not less than any heaven. You can do camping and bonfire over there, at night weather of these places is so refreshing and cozy.