Introducing GREATEVER, a small spark originated from a stream behind a typical household on the riverbank. The spark flew into the river, hoping to ride along with the boat. The spark continued to flow, into a bigger river. It saw a more sizeable steamboat, so it wishes to ride along with the steamboat. The spark continued to flow, into the wide Yangtze River, where it can’t see the other side at a glance. The spark was shocked, and it continued to dream about swimming in a larger space. The spark continued to flow, and it finally flew into the sea. Where the airplane flies right above the sea, different creatures are all hugged by the sea.

"The sea is magnificent, making the spark wanting to explore deeper and deeper. "
The story of GREATEVER should start with my uncle. Until the age of 46, he managed the production of diving products at a factory in Taiwan. He worked as a technical worker when he first started, throughout the years, he managed to become the factory manager of that factory. He led his company into being original equipment manufacturers of many famous brands. In 2012, my uncle’s factory moved from Taiwan to Southeast Asia. My uncle lost his job because he did not want to leave his motherland. So he put all his effort into starting his own business.
When he first started his business, he thought of bringing the concept of safety, health and happiness to the world of friends through snorkelling. Therefore, in the optimization of front-line production, he always looked at the product quality and safety as the priority. Based on that, we continuously improved and designed the latest trend-setting products.
GREATEVER first started as an original equipment manufacturer and an original equipment manufacturer. However, many products we designed were put on the market, and the feedback response was excellent. Some of our clients took our original design to manufacture them in another factory at a lower price, but the quality of the product could not be guaranteed. My uncle was very upset, and he was concerned about the reputation of his business. So, he came up with the idea of creating his own brand. My uncle always stresses the importance of intellectual property and set serious requirements for his partners when it comes to cooperation. He often talks about the fact that he wants to produce the best snorkelling products in the market.

It turns out, he met his goal, and his business was able to produce a few of the best snorkelling products in the market. Our snorkelling mask is making its mark in the industry. Now I am working on building a brand that represents my uncle’s belief and ideologies in his business. My uncle repeats his goal to me every day: “We are only aiming to be the best snorkelling products in the market”. Until one day, the name GREATEVER jumped in my mind. Luckily, we successfully registered the brand GREATEVER. My uncle got extremely excited when we finally got all the paper works for GREATEVER. When I think of the brand, when I close my eyes, I saw the river I swam in when I was a child, the sea I saw when I grew up, I saw my dream!

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GREATEVER promotes a healthy, safe, happy, and dreamy snorkelling experience. We encourage our users to make sure to be in a healthy and calm status before diving. The participant should warm up with a professional coach. We advise the participants to pay close attention to the snorkelling environment, to protect nature, and do not snorkel in places that are not allowed. Sometimes snorkelling could be dangerous, that’s why the participants have to snorkel in the permitted areas. A cheerful and relaxed mindset is also essential, because we can only accomplish things under positive emotions.

I hope our consumers could enjoy their snorkelling experience, and have fun with it! We also welcome any suggestions on our products from our consumers, feel free to leave your comments and snorkelling experience on our social media sites. We hope to apply these suggestions to present more advanced products for our customers. We want GREATEVER to be a collaborative brand that brings the customers closer to us. GREATEVER is within you and me. It’s a creative land where we draw on opinions from everyone, learn and create better products together.

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